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Road accidents cause many victims, alongside the injured, who often can not return to function and live properly before the accident, and find themselves in a difficult struggle with the insurance companies and the state regarding the amount of compensation and rights to which they are entitled. How are compensation funds calculated and how can they be obtained? There are main types of damage that determine the amount of compensation, such as loss of earnings, travel expenses, mental anguish and future expenses, primarily the disability determined for them

1. Loss of earning. This component embodies it. The loss of the victim’s earnings from the moment of the accident of the victim until the court’s decision, as well as the future loss of the victim’s earnings.

2. Travel. In this calculation, travel computers are calculated for travel to medical treatments and examinations that the injured person was forced to perform

3. Compensation for past expenses

4. Medical expenses. Expenses for professional opinions, medications that are not in the health basket, and of course treatments

5. Help and nursing. Compensation will be received for a loss that the injured person will need, loss of working days of the injured person and his relatives, including expenses for cleaning and arrangements for which the injured person

6. Sorrow and suffering. The court may determine compensation in the wake of pain and disability, the plaintiff’s condition and age, and more.

7. Future expenses. The plaintiff is entitled to compensation for future expenses, medical expenses, travel, assistance and nursing services that he did not need prior to the accident.

8. A tort lawyer can estimate the actual damage caused and receive maximum compensation for the client. Due to his familiarity with the negotiation strategies of the insurance companies. In the event of success, the court may decide the costs of attorneys’ fees. Drive carefully

Tips for managing when you’re involved in an accident

To be evacuated to the hospital immediately after the accident.
Damage that initially seems negligible may grow later, so mild pain should also be reported.
Do not underestimate any medical treatment, including physiotherapy.
Mixed details must be collected in order to charge a fee.
Collect witnesses’ information from a policeman or any other finding.
The suffering caused to you should be documented, including referrals to doctors.
In a road accident while working, you should also contact the National Insurance Institute.
You are entitled to compensation even if the accident is “on your own fault”.
Wait until the stage where your medical condition stabilizes and the damage will crystallize to maximize the compensation.
Do not cooperate with insurance investigators before consulting an attorney.

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